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About Us

Our Process

Brian Cozzi, Inc. was founded in 2013 to foster an environment of creativity; leveraging our broad relationships and deep experience across multiple disciplines – to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to seek a better way; allowing us to achieve our central goal, which is to beat the benchmark in each individual project we deliver.

Our firm is comprised of affiliated businesses that have developed expertise in their respective domains but work closely together to achieve the execution of the business plan. With a vertically integrated approach, all individual operations’ interests are aligned with our stregic outlook.


What We Do

Our Mission

Brian Cozzi, Inc. believes design plays a major role in the world around us – how we live, work, and grow throughout our lives. We pride ourselves on creating cohesive designs so the client’s vision is seen in every detail of the project. We understand the design and overall vision of each project, along with the importance of cost control, customer service, and scheduling.


Experience & Culture


Brian Cozzi

Managing Director

Brian Cozzi has always been passionate about design and project management. In 2013, he started his career by launching a digital marketing agency to provide website design, software development, and corporate branding, working with professional athletes, international law firms, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, globally distributed products, and more.

With an eye on technicalities, Brian’s design passion brought him into the real estate world, as he began flipping condos and single-family homes. Brian was able to leverage his construction expertise to begin advising homeowners on their personal projects. Brian sought out to change the way homeowners think about the construction industry and construction professionals.

Brian oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm from project development through implementation. His multidisciplinary background provides a lens to ensure the projects meet the client's standards and guidelines.